Pits and Bits® is the best way to wash when water isn't easily available. All Pits & Bits® use Waterless Limited's unique Towel Off® Technology to provide soft clean skin & hair wherever you are. Available in a range of sizes and ideal for post race washing, camping, sports and outdoor pursuits.


Holidays & Abroad

Festivals & Fun Runs

Walking & Hiking

breakdown & travels

Pits & Bits is MADE in the UK, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty FREE

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Towel Off Body Wash replaces the need for WET WIPES. Saving a minimum of 48 body cloths per bottle. Even more for baby wipes!

Pits and Bits Body Wash saves 320 gallons of clean water!


**10% off 200ml Bottles this summer - love eco :-)**

  • Pits and Bits is made from 25% recycled plastic and further recyclable!
  • Save thousands of non recyclable wet wipes and film
  • Eradicates the need for shower generators
  • Reduces hundreds of thousands of litres of water waste
  • No digging up and risking chemical over spill from shower facilities.
  • Made in the UK, reducing carbon footprint of importing via sea and air freight
  • Provides privacy for children, allowing you to wash from the comfort of your tent.
  • Water based - no gels, or harsh chemicals, vegan friendly and endorsed cruelty free.

Towel Off Shampoo is aerosol FREE and water based not affecting the ground if spilt. 

200ml Shampoo saves a minimum 320 gallons of clean water, compared to the average bath.


**10% off 200ml Bottles this summer - love eco :-)**


Outdoor Sports & OCR

Outdoors and no changing rooms? If you like marathon running, mountain biking, obstacle course running, gym or you just love the camping / survivalist lifestyle, then washing in the great outdoors has never been easier. Washing Essentials. Pits & Bits Body Wash is the perfect way to wash away from home without water, lightweight bottles of towel-off shampoo and soap, disposable towel and expanding wipes...


Personal Hygiene Products.
Nilaqua's range of personal hygiene products are used throughout the NHS and save nurses typically 50-80% of patient washing time! They are designed for anyone who has difficulty bathing or is bed-bound. It's kind and gentle to the skin, paraben and alcohol free and is recommended & used by The Disabled Living Foundation, Parkinson's, Alzheimer & MS Societies...

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Germ Prevention

Highly effective Sanitisers and Surface Wipes with Germ killing capacity to 99.9999% Most sanitisers only kill germs to 99.9 or 99.99! The Nilaqua range kills a vast array of germs including MRSA and E Coli, Norovirus and NDM1, C-diff, Samonella & More, Effective against bacteria in just 30 seconds,Tested Food Safe and Halal Compliant, Medically Approved. All full certification and MSDS data.


Hair Care Innovation
Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo is a brand new concept. Just foam it on, massage it in, and towel it off - no water required. This amazing new hybrid product really does work and is ideal for camping and festivals, gym goers, running, cycling, clubbing straight after work (or the morning after). Say Goodbye to Dry.